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Blood Cleanup | Steri-Clean® Minnesota 

Following a serious accident or injury, a professional blood cleanup is almost always required. It is paramount to clean up blood as soon as possible so that all harmful pathogens are eliminated, once again providing a safe and healthy environment for those that come into contact with the space. 


Understandably a large amount of blood makes most people squeamish and can be highly unpleasant to deal with. Plus, if it’s the blood of your loved one, it can be a very traumatic task to face. On top of this, regular cleaning products and the average person are not the best and safest ways to clean blood effectively. Let our highly-trained and qualified Steri-Clean® Minnesota team professionally handle blood-up cleanup from homes, businesses, and vehicles so that you don’t have to. Plus, we know and understand how critical it is to adhere to any local, state, and federal guidelines.


Steri-Clean® ’s Blood Clean Up Process

At Steri-Clean® Minnesota, we use these OSHA guidelines to maintain the safety of everyone involved and we abide by best practices as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Here’s what else we do:


  1. Discrete: Our Steri-Clean® team will arrive at the scene of the accident in discreet vehicles, and clean up quickly and efficiently, allowing you space and time to handle other important issues.

  2. Protective Gear: Before we even approach the area, we ensure that each blood cleanup technician is equipped with a full-body suit, gloves, and a full respiratory mask.

  3. Isolate the Area: Our technicians will set up a buffer zone to isolate the affected area and immediate surroundings. Even if blood isn’t “visible” to the naked eye in these areas, they are likely to have microscopic drops of blood.

  4. Deep Clean: Once the area has been marked, next we begin the actual deep clean cleaning process by focusing on the areas with the most amount of blood. Our Steri-Clean® team has the most up-to-date equipment to absorb spills as well as industrial-strength cleaning products.

  5. Disinfect: Our technicians are trained and certified to disinfect Hepatitis, MRSA, C. Diff, Staph, Norovirus, as well as other communicable diseases.

  6. Remove: Any affected furniture, carpets, objects, or belongings that cannot be cleaned are properly disposed of as a biohazard. Here, medical waste generated will be transported to a licensed medical waste disposal company.

  7. Inspect. Lastly, our detail-oriented team will do a full and final inspection of the entire area making sure that the area soiled with blood has been thoroughly cleaned.


Call Us Today For Expert Blood Cleanup. 1-888-577-7206

When you need professional blood cleanup, Steri-Clean® is the most trusted company for the job. We are quick, professional, and discreet. Our technicians will always work to ensure that your space is clean and safe for you and your loved ones so that you can focus on other important things. Call Steri-Clean® Minnesota today and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members to find out how we can help you today.


Steri-Clean Minnesota serves the greater Twin Cities, MN area with blood cleanup services including Plymouth, Rogers & St. Paul

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