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Suicide Cleanup Experts | Steri-Clean® Minnesota  

When someone we love takes their own life, their friends and family are left to somehow cope with the trauma and pain that follows. While dealing with the overwhelming grief and shock, no one should have to deal with cleaning up. Here’s where Steri-Clean® Minnesota’s caring and committed team is here to help with suicide cleanup. Wherever the suicide has taken place, our dedicated and trained team will work tirelessly to return your property as close as possible to normal again.


If not carried out correctly, a suicide cleanup can be dangerous to your health and the people who still live and work in the environment. Even armed with cleaning products and equipment, this is not something that people are trained or emotionally equipped to deal with.


When biohazards, such as blood and bodily fluids, are not cleaned properly, they can expose people to several serious health risks. When a biohazard is not cleaned properly, it releases tiny microorganisms on anything it comes into contact with and can also become airborne.


Bodily fluids, blood, and waste can also be absorbed into the wood, drywall, and carpeting. Blood can also be absorbed into the subfloor, which can eventually cause toxic black mold.


How Steri-Clean® Minnesota Can Assist with Suicide Cleanup

•Steri-Clean® Minnesota is available 24/7 to assist at any time of the day and night

•Our vehicles are discreet, helping to protect the privacy of your family or business

•We always operate with complete transparency, providing you with as many or as little details that you wish to know regarding the cleanup process

•Our trained team will clean and sanitize your home in a quick and efficient manner by scrubbing surfaces and disinfecting the entire area

•Steri-Clean® uses EPA registered, hospital-grade solutions for disinfecting all surfaces during cleanup to quickly eradicate long-lasting biohazards such as Hepatitis 

•The team will also remove all biohazard materials safely and securely from the property such as furniture, items, and carpets

•Lastly, we will focus on filtration and air purification, to clean the air and make sure any odors are 100% removed 

•We also have access to local chaplains and mortuaries to assist if you need it 

You’ll find that our teams at Steri-Clean® are not only highly trained and efficient, they also care deeply about the wellbeing of you and your family. Available 24/7, we will do everything in our power to help minimize your trauma. While this is being taken care of, you can focus on the wellbeing of yourself and your family.


Call Us Today For Expert Suicide Cleanup Services. 1-888-577-7206 

Sadly, suicide is all too common in our society, especially among our country’s youth. Due to our line of work, Steri-Clean® Minnesota is equipped to help families facing this tragedy. We are able to secure emergency counselors that deal specifically with the grief caused by suicide. We are on call 24/7 in this type of situation. By calling us, you will be connected to one of our staff members who will dispatch a team to your home or business quickly and discreetly.

Steri-Clean Minnesota serves the greater Twin Cities, MN area with suicide cleanup services including Plymouth, Rogers & St. Paul

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