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Government Agency Cleaning Services | Steri-Clean® Minnesota 

Once a crime or accident scene has been investigated or the ambulances and police have left the scene, most responding personnel are called to another emergency, leaving a monumental mess behind. In fact, some Minnesota towns and municipalities might not have the necessary resources to dedicate to government cleanup jobs such as this.


In situations such as this, Steri-Clean® Minnesota can assist with quick, professional cleaning. Our trained technicians are able to clean the area as well as safely dispose of spilled fluids, drug paraphernalia, and biohazards. Our Minnesota team has the right training, tools, and equipment to leave the environment clean and safe for humans again.


Steri-Clean® Minnesota Also Cleans the Following Areas: 


  • Holding and Jail Cells: Often law enforcement officers have to use pepper spray in a holding or jail cell. When pepper spray is dispersed, cleanup is crucial to keep other people in the area safe. We are able to fully clean these areas of residue and, along with this, Steri-Clean® Minnesota can also properly dispose of any clothing or material that has blood or any other bodily fluids on it that may be contaminated.

  • Traffic Accidents: Injured parties can leave blood and other body fluids at the scene of an accident. Simply washing the blood away doesn’t get rid of the contaminants. The area needs to be properly disinfected to keep the public safe. Steri-Clean® Minnesota has the right cleaning solutions, training, and equipment to rid the area of blood and other biohazard fluids, leaving the roadway, parking lot, or public spaces clean.

  • Government Vehicles: Whether it’s the police transporting inmates or an ambulance taking a patient to a hospital, these vehicles carry various contaminants that can be hazardous. There’s also the potential for infectious blood, vomit, or feces, and drug paraphernalia to be left behind in these types of vehicles. 

  • Evidence Rooms: Law enforcement evidence rooms also need to be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent cross-contamination of DNA evidence. Steri-Clean® Minnesota can dispose of unwanted evidence such as bloody clothing and other biohazardous waste. 

  • Drug Paraphernalia Cleanup: Drug paraphernalia can be dumped just about anywhere. Contaminated needles, syringes, burnt spoons, or rubber tubing must be cleaned up and disposed of by a professional cleaning company. Viruses and bacteria can live on these objects for an extended period of time, which means anyone who comes into contact with these can pick up an infection or disease.


Call Us Today For Expert Government Cleaning Services

The Steri-Clean® Minnesota team is fully equipped and experienced to deal with these types of Government Cleanup Services. By employing a professional company such as ourselves, we are able to eliminate possible threats to the public’s health and safety. Helping to keep the people of Minnesota safe, our trained and skilled Steri-Clean® team is at your service.

Steri-Clean Minnesota serves the greater Twin Cities, MN area with local, state, and federal government agency cleaning services including Plymouth, Rogers & St. Paul

Our call center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 1-888-577-7206

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