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Crime Scene Cleanup | Steri-Clean® Minnesota

A crime scene is something nobody should ever have to encounter. Sadly, this can and does happen more often than we’d like to think. Alongside being hugely traumatic to witness and clean up, if not properly cleaned a crime scene can be dangerous for anyone who comes into contact with the space. As you can imagine, crimes contaminate spaces with biohazards such as bodily fluids, blood, urine, and waste. Depending on the nature of the crime, biohazards are not only around the body but can also be found on the walls, floors, carpets, doors, and windows. 


The Importance Of Hiring Professionals

Biohazard cleanup is a specialty service that requires proper industrial equipment alongside expert training and certification. It is, therefore, crucial to call in a biohazard cleanup company such as Steri-Clean® Minnesota to professionally and effectively clean up a crime scene. Here’s why hiring a professional company matters:

  • Our team has all the necessary training, knowledge, and equipment to safely clean up a crime scene

  • We adhere to strict Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards to keep our clients and employees safe at all times

  • All employees are trained in the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and know exactly how to dispose of any contaminated or hazardous material

  • Steri-Clean® only uses discreet vehicles so that your family or businesses’ privacy is always protected

What To Do If You Discover A Crime Scene

If you are the first to discover a crime scene, it’s important to follow the below steps:

  1. If you see the crime scene from afar, do not enter the area where the crime has taken place.

  2. If you walk into a crime scene unknowingly, step away or outside immediately.

  3. If someone is injured help them but try not to move or touch anything.

  4. Call 911 immediately and wait outside until they arrive.

  5. Do not move or disturb anything in the surrounding areas, as this could provide important forensic evidence.

  6. Do not try to clean up the area, especially if there is blood, bodily fluids, or other biohazards on the scene.

  7. Once the police have cleared the scene, contact a professional cleaning company to deal with the cleanup as soon as possible.

  8. Lastly, it’s very important to speak to a counselor or trauma therapist about what you saw, how it has affected you, and how you are feeling.

Steri-Clean® Minnesota also has the correct equipment and training to clean up crime scenes that have occurred in cars and public spaces such as streets, parking lots, parks, and fields. Because some of these areas are open to the public, it is so important that crime scenes are cleaned as soon as possible as they pose a huge health risk to the people of Minnesota. While these areas may be slightly more complex to clean, rest assured our dedicated team will work quickly and effectively to decontaminate any areas where a crime has taken place. 


Can I Book A Crime Scene Cleanup Straight Away?

While we would love to help you as soon as we can, it is important to also note that Steri-Clean® is not able to begin cleaning up a crime scene until law enforcement, or the coroner’s office, has officially released your property back to you. It is unlikely that you will be able to enter your property until the premises are released by the authorities. Understandably, the length of the investigation depends on the circumstances and details surrounding the crime. However, as soon as your premises are released we will be able to come in and clean as quickly as we can.


Contact Steri-Clean® Minnesota Today

If you are in need of a crime scene cleanup, let Steri-Clean® Minnesota’s extensive training and experience assist you during this extremely difficult time. We can also refer you to counselors who are available to help you and your family overcome the trauma you’ve experienced. When faced with a crime scene cleanup in Minnesota, our team is just a phone call away and available 24/7 to help. 

Steri-Clean Minnesota serves the greater Twin Cities, MN area with crime scene cleanup services including Plymouth, Rogers & St. Paul, Brooklyn Center, Monticello, Richfield, AlbertvilleBrooklyn Park,  Coon Rapids, Anoka, FridleySt. Cloud, Andover, Big Lake, Blaine, Buffalo, Maple GroveElk River, Minnetonka, RamseySt. Michael, Eden Prairie, EdinaOsseo, Columbia Heights, Robbinsdale, and Golden Valley.

Call 1-888-577-7206  Our call center is open 24 hours a day. 

*Steri-Clean utilizes ATP monitoring to assure surfaces are clean before and after our disinfectants are applied. ATP monitors test for Adenosine Triphosphate which is stored energy found in every cell. While viruses do not contain cells, the removal of biofilms and cellular activity on all surfaces assures our disinfectants can properly kill the viruses.


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